Project Week
Starting 5/18/2017 and ending on 5/25/2017
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Description: The start/release times and classrooms for each project are listed below. We will offer Early Bird and Late Bird during project week. Students in grades 5-7 who are released from a 12:30pm project who are waiting for a sibling to be released at 1:00pm can wait in Free Bird at no charge. All applicable Late Bird fees will apply for students who remain in Late Bird after 1:00pm.

Title of Project

Teacher Time Room
Astronomy Camping Trip Dr. Greenfield 8:00-1:00 Physics 3
Blocks and Blockbusters Ms. Cohen w/ Ms. Pitt 7:30-12:30 Chem 2
Catch 'em All Mr. Gutierrez 7:30-12:30 Ms Sci 2
Chinese Culture Exploration and Origami Ms. Deng w/ Mrs. van Bree 7:30-12:30 Rm 08/09
Classics in Our World Ms. Wallace 7:30-12:30 Rm 02
College Applications & Academic Writing Dr. Park 8:00-1:00 Rm 27
Comedy: A Serious Study Mr. Armstrong 7:30-12:30 Rm 01
Cribbage & other Card Games Dr. Zellmer 8:00-1:00 Rm 15
Cycling Project, The Ms. Smith 8:00-1:00 Rm 10
Designing and Playing Board Games Mr. Celaya 7:30-12:30 Rm 21
For the Love of the Game: Baseball Mr. Seidler 7:30-12:30 Rm 07
For the Love of the Game: Basketball and Sports Films Mr. Judson w/ Dr. Rosinbum 8:00-1:00 Chem 3/Gym
French Chef/French Film Festival Mme. Keicher w/ Mme. Thomas 8:00-1:00 Chem 1
Games in the Park, Movies in the Dark Ms. Hoppe w/ Ms. Sleator 7:30-12:30 Bio 1/ MS Sci 1
Games of Strategy Mr. Johnston w/ Ms. Lundt 8:00-1:00 Bio 2 /Bio 3
Gladiator Colosseum Mr. Chavez w/ Ms. Koch 7:30-12:30 LS MPR/ Outside
Have Sketchbook, Will Travel Mr. Mcdonald 8:00-1:00 Art 1
Hiking Around Town Ms. Liu 7:30-12:30 Rm 28
How to Act Publically & Sustainable Community Activism Ms. Connolly w/ Ms. Jewett 8:00-1:00 Rm 11
Knitting, Crocheting and More Ms. Gollenberg 7:30-12:30 Rm 26
Legacy Project, The Mr. Owner 7:30-12:30 Rm 04
Marvel Movie Marathon Mr. Aussprung w/ Mr. MacDonald 7:30-12:30 Rm 16/17
Miyazaki Fan Club Ms. Vonier 7:30-12:30 Art 2
Most Satisfying Project in the World, The Mr. Koch 7:30-12:30 Rm 06
Mostly Climbing Mr. Reks w/ Ms. Todd 8:00-1:00 Rm 13
Oregon Mr. Mathews 8:00-1:00 Music 1
Pod Bless BASIS Mr. Hasman 7:30-12:30 Rm 22
Practice in Play Mr. Berger 7:30-12:30 Rm 15
Quidditch Ms. Bulldis w/ Ms. Jones 7:30-12:30 Gym/ Chem 3
SAT 2 Prep Ms. Kolesikova 8:00-1:00 Rm 19
Stay Calm and Positive Ms. Brody 7:30-12:30 Rm 20
Stories, Stage and Screen Ms. Brauer w/ Ms. Byroad 7:30-12:30 Theater
Stranger Zone, The Ms. Chan w/ Ms. Jackson 8:00-1:00 Rm 12
Strategy and Cinema Mr. Swindle w/ Mr. Brown 8:00-1:00 Rm 18
Tennis in the Park, Tennis in the Dark Mr. Ruvein 7:30-12:30 Rm 03
Traversing the 20th Century with Kendall and Shroff Dr. Kendall w/ Dr. Shroff 8:00-1:00 Rm 14
Ultimate Slumber Party, The Ms. Sanders w/ Ms. Wilson 7:30-12:30 Phys 1/ Phys 2
Upcycling: Turning Trash into Treasure Ms. Campbell 8:00-1:00 Music 2
Water, Water, Water Mr. Marinaccio w/ Ms. Hubbard 7:30-12:30 Rm 24